3 Day Road Notes

Topics: Kill, Morphine, Elijah Pages: 7 (3089 words) Published: January 6, 2013
1. * Xavier and Elijah are assigned to sniping duty in this chapter, and very early it is noticed by Corporal Thompson that both of them have a gift for it * Elijah continues regularly seeing Grey-Eyes who is addicted to Morphine. Elijah is offered some for the first time in front of Xavier, and he denies the offer. Xavier However Xavier sees something in Elijah’s eyes which tell him that Elijah is fascinated by it2. * Aunt Niska has tried a lot of the traditional Cree medicine on Xavier, but none of them seem to have any effect * Decides to keep telling Xavier stories of the past in hope that these will help * Goes back to just after her father passed away * Her people are lost due to the whites killing the leader of their tribe. Most decide to live in the city and give up their traditions. * Another reason for why the Cree people were having a hard time were the mandatory Christian Residential Schools * Kids were forced to attend, and were penalized for displaying Aboriginal Tradition. Niska and her sister, Rabbit(re-named Anne at school, mother of Xavier) both attended the school. Niska was able to escape with her mother, but Rabbit was not able to. She had given up her Aboriginal ways.| 1.This section has many implications to the future of the novel. Firstly, Corporal Thompson has recognized that both Xavier and Elijah have acquired great skills in their days hunting in northern Canada. This is the reason for why they were regularly put to sniping duty from this point on in the story. The exact words Corporal Thompson says to Sergeant McCaan are that “Your two Indians are blessed”(80). This foreshadows the great success that Elijah and Xavier will have. Another case of foreshadowing in this chapter is when Xavier recognizes Elijah’s interest in Morphine. This foreshadows Elijah’s future addiction.2.This section confirms my previous thoughts that the reason Niska didn’t understand much about the whites, is that she did not spend much time around them. The Cree people were mistreated by them. It was very interesting to read about Rabbit staying in the residential school, because it builded up anticipation as to how Niska would gain custody over Xavier, which is revealed in later chapters. It was very important that Niska’s mother was able to save at least one of her daughters. There are very few of her noble blood left.( The windigo killers)| 3. * Xavier doesn’t like how Elijah is receiving all of the credit for the work that both of them accomplish as a team. Xavier spots, and Elijah does most of the actual killing which is most likely the reason for his fame amongst the group. Xavier also doesn’t like how Elijah doesn’t make any effort to tell the others that it is a two man job , not solo. * Xavier knows he is a more accurate shooter than Elijah. He taught Elijah almost everything that Elijah knows * This is confirmed at the end of the chapter where a shooting competition is held among two different squadrons of the Canadian Army. * Xavier receives recognition and praise for this, and feels happy that people will recognize his skills as well4. * One of the members of Elijah and Xavier’s group named Sean Patrick, is slayed in battle by a German Sniper. * Xavier witnesses this incident, and places some blame on Grey Eyes who was not working at an appropriate speed to cover Sean. Most likely because he was under the influence of Morphine. * Xavier and Elijah are given the task of revenge on this sniper who has been a huge source of problems for the Canadians. Towards the end of this chapter, a major difference between Xavier and Elijah is exposed. Xavier is hesitant to take human life, while Elijah doesn’t give it much thought from the very start.5. * Xavier and Elijah spend many days searching for this sniper, to no luck. One night, Xavier has a sudden realization of the sniper’s location by recalling the angle by which Sean Patrick was shot from. * Xavier is...
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