Age and gender

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Unit 4: Development through the Life Stages
Unit Overview
Knowledge of human growth and development through the life stages is important for learners who are considering careers in the Health and Social Care sectors because it will assist their understanding of the needs of individual’s at different life stages of life, including their potential care needs. It will also help learners to understand the influence of unexpected events on patients or service users and their families. This unit enable learners to gain understanding of different life stages and how people grow and develop. It requires learners to reflect on the importance of variety of factors and major life events on the development of individuals, and to consider the nature-nurture debate. The unit also allows learners to gain an insight into the ageing process and to understand both positive and negative perspectives of ageing. Below are some key terms associated with lifespan development. Complete the table by giving definitions (in your own words). Terms Definitions

Development Development is the process in which something or someone develops or matures. Physical development Developing physically starts during infancy and it carries on through late adolescence. This typically includes gross and fine motor skills. Intellectual development This is defined as the child’s ability to think and understand what is happening around him. Also the child processes the information. Social development Being able to learn how to behave properly and communicate with other people. Emotional development This relates to the individuals’ feelings and their ability to express them correctly. However, these are typically age related milestones. Life course These are events and experiences which happen throughout the course of our lives. Growth A process which happens from birth till early adulthood when you have reached your optimum growth. Life expectancy This is the number of years and individual is expected...
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