American Anti Slavery

Topics: American Civil War, Slavery in the United States, Abolitionism Pages: 2 (508 words) Published: December 20, 2013

1.As we saw in the previous lecture, many Americans in the nineteenth century believed that slavery was justified by the Bible. Explain how The American Anti-Slavery Almanac, a well-known abolitionist publication whose authors attacked slavery, tried to discredit the notion that Christianity justified slavery. | 200 words | 50 points. Throughout The American Anti-Slavery Almanac, abolitionists wrote that the Christians did many anti-slavery acts. On of the biggest arguments was the “negro seat” found in churches. On page 21, it states that churches “publicly deride and blasphemously criticize” this idea of the “negro seat” in churches. It also states that “Every church that has a “negro seat” keeps posted upon its walls a standing criticism on God’s workmanship, a public proclamation of their contempt for it.” The church finds it wrong that many churches have designated seats for negros. “Why single out certain seats for them and make them sit in them?” On page 37, it states “According to the Bible, oppression maketh a man mad; but according to the objector, stop oppressing him and yon make him madder! That inflicting wrongs upon a person is calculated to exasperate him against the inflictor, everyone one knows,: and that the way to soothe his exasperation, make him forget his wrongs, and fill him with kind feelings towards you.” This explains that the wrong doings to a slave is against the Bible. God looks at everyone as his brothers and sisters. On Page 38, “Since robbing a man of his liberty and earnings, makes him your enemy, the first step to be taken in making him your friends, is to stop doing that which made him your enemy. The Bible gives this commonsense direction to all who wish to make others their friends.”

2.As we saw in the previous lecture, many Americans in the nineteenth century believed that slavery was an economic necessity. They argued that its abolishing would ruin the country’s economy. Explain how The American Anti-Slavery...
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