An Assignment on Early Childhood Care and Development

Topics: Developmental psychology, Child development, Jean Piaget Pages: 11 (1272 words) Published: February 9, 2013

Name: Arielle Channer
School: Mark of Excellence Institution
Course: Early Childhood Care and Development
Tutor: Mrs. B Curtis- Richards

Observe Children and Document Findings

Study a child between the ages of zero to eight years under the following headings. Use supporting statements to prove your findings. Please bear in mind that before any child is studied a written consent has to be obtained from the child’s parent or guardian. Evidence of the written consent must be presented to the Instructor. You may study the child while the child is at home, at school or just outside playing.

Create a developmental checklist to aid you in the study of the child. Be sure to include this checklist when handing in the project.

1. Psychomotor Development
2. Emotional Development
3. Physical Development
4. Spiritual Development
5. Social Development
6. Cognitive Development

NB. (Link the progress of the child to theories of child development that you have studied. Where appropriate include a photo of the child and samples of the child’s work)

Remember to write a very detailed background of the child to include:

a. Full name
b. Date of birth
c. Sex
d. Child’s weight at birth
e. Address
f. School child attends (if applicable)
g. Family structure (type and size of family)
h. Position in family
i. Mother’s name, address and occupation
j. Father’s name, address and occupation
k. Illnesses and allergies
l. Favourite foods
m. Name and address of health care provider




Letter to the parent

Consent letter

Child’s data form

Theoretical Backings

Child observation sheet for psychomotor/ Physical Development (Gross Motor Skills)

Child observation sheet for Emotional Development

Child observation sheet for Spiritual Development

Child observation sheet for Social Development

Child observation sheet for Cognitive Development

Child Anecdotal Record


I would like to thank the parents of Asiah Douglas for granting me the privilege to observe their child, for my assessment.

Thank You.


This project is a case study of a 4 year old child, Asiah Douglas, which includes the observations and documentations and findings of:

• Psychomotor Development
• Physical Development
• Emotional Development
• Spiritual Development
• Social Development
• Cognitive Development

Miss Sandy Harris
37 Church Pen
Housing Scheme
Bushy Park PO
St. Catherine
March 15, 2009

Dear Miss Harris

Good day to you. My name is Arielle Channer. I am a student of the Mark of Excellence Institution, where I am studying Early Childhood Care and Development. During my studies I am required to do an observation on a child zero to eight years old. I am asking for your permission to do the observation on your child. The purpose of this is to observe the child and make documentations of my findings. This will be confidential; the duration for the observation is three (3) days. This will be apart of my assessment grade. Attach to this letter is a consent form for you to fill out and sign. Thank you for your co-operation.

Miss Arielle Channer.

Consent Form

I ………………………………….. Parent/ guardian of

……………………………………. Hereby agree to give consent to Miss Arielle Channer to observe my child/ ward.

Parent SignatureDate


Background Details of Asiah Douglas

Asiah Douglas was born to Sandy Harris and Kirk Douglas on September 23, 2004, a healthy, bouncing baby girl, weighting seven pounds. Asiah is the first born child to Sandy and the third to Kirk. Kirk works as a...
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