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Some notes I started taking because I was having a really difficult time. I will submit a bunch of papers from my old classes this is the coolest thing ever and it's legal as long as you copy right....o technology how I love thee

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Subject: Comprehensive classroom technology plan

Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan
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Grand Canyon University: EDD 225
December 21, 2010

Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan
Type introduction here. Introduce what a “Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan” is and add in an intext citation from our text or classroom resources (refer to the APA 6th edition on how to use an in text citation. The reference should then be placed on the reference page). Please do NOT use a direct quote, but paraphrase. The intro should be at least three complete sentences and written in your own words. Papers are submitted to Turn it In to determine if a paper has been plagiarized and the percentage from Turn in In should be less than 20% similarity to other papers and/or resources. Mission and Vision Statement (Mod 2)

1)Review “Overview: Framework for 21st Century Learning,” a required reading for Module 2, to gain a sense of 21st century skills de

"The elements described in this section as “21st century student outcomes” (represented by the rainbow) are the knowledge, skills and expertise students should master to succeed in work and life in the 21st century. " 21 Century Framework definition (second option)

"The elements described in this section as “21st century student outcomes” (represented by the rainbow) are the knowledge, skills and expertise students should master to succeed in work and life in the 21st century."

1)Conduct an initial brainstorm for the Mission and Vision Statement for the ComprehensiveClassroom Technology Plan (Benchmark Assessment), which is due in Module 7. 2)Create a Mission and Vision Statement for the Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan. 1)Using the Mission and Vision Statement, you will be able to construct a skeletal framework of your Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan. 2)Support your rationale with evidence from the required readings, and from three to five peer-reviewed articles from the GCU eLibrary.

The purpose of this study was to examine district technology plans and their subsequent implementation within the district, the school, and most important, the classroom. Four research questions were developed to guide the study: (1) What are districts' current technology plan design? (2) To what extent have the districts' technology plans been implemented? (3) What is the relationship between the districts' technology plan designs, implementation of the plans, and classroom use of technology? (4) Was classroom technology use stimulated by district technology plan implementations, and were district plans the result of policy-driven initiatives from the state or federal level?

Qualitative and quantitative descriptive case study research methods were used to conduct a cross-case analysis of six in-depth case studies, each consisting of one district and a component middle school of that district. The case studies examined the district technology plan design, the implementation of that plan, and the impact of thetechnology plan implementation on classroom practice.

Four major findings emerged from the study: (1) State and federal government policy makers have been successful in encouraging districts to plan for technology and to author comprehensive technology plans. (2) However, the resulting written technology plans do not meet all policy requirements, and implementation efforts lack even more. (3) Teachers and site administrators know...

Cited: COURREGE, D. (2008, Jun 30). Schools to get technology boost;5-year, comprehensive plan designed to put modern equipment in classrooms. The Post and Courier Retrieved from
Abstract (summary)
Technology and the bush education plan. (2001). Techniques, 76(4), 6. Retrieved from
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