Cyp 3.2 Promote Young Person and Child Development

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CYP 3.2 Promote Young Person and Child Development
Be able to assess the development needs of children and young people and prepare a development plan What are the most relevant factors to be aware of when assessing a child or young person’s development? All children and young people are different and have different needs. Similarly, a family’s ability to respond to and meet all their needs may also differ. In some circumstances, professional assessment may be required to identify strengths and needs, to ensure that all children, young people and their families receive appropriate support.

Assessment may take place in a wide range of situations and for a variety of purposes, for example: · A teacher’s assessment of a child’s educational attainment at key stages of the national curriculum, to determine future learning plans. · A paediatric assessment to ensure that a child has reached the appropriate developmental milestones and to monitor progress. · A Connexions personal adviser’s assessment of a young person’s strengths and barriers to participation in learning to provide feedback and motivation. · An educational psychologist’s assessment of a child or young person’s special educational needs to identify their educational strengths and needs. · A social worker’s assessment of a child’s home situation, to determine if they are at risk of harm. Each of these types of assessment has a clearly defined purpose and it is important to note that the role and function of assessment may vary according to the context.

Factors to take into consideration are:

General health
The unborn, infant, child or young person's current health condition (for example, conditions of relevance to an infant, child or young person, including growth, development, physical and mental well-being).  Also includes consideration of: * health conditions or impairments which significantly affect everyday life functioning whether chronic or acute, including obesity; unborn child is not developing adequately; * access to and use of appropriate health services (by mother in case of unborn), such as those provided by a GP/dentist/optician, immunisations and appropriate developmental checks; * number and frequency of hospital admissions and accidents (of mother where unborn); * Access to and use of appropriate health advice and information, for example, diet, sexual health and management of any health condition such as diabetes or asthma (where unborn, mother is following advice). Physical Development:

"Physical Development" refers to the infant, child or young person's means of mobility, level of physical or sexual maturity/delayed development.  Factors to be taken into consideration include: * being well-nourished, being active, rested and protected, gaining control of the body, acquiring physcial skills; * vision and hearing;

* fine and gross motor skills including:
            -    crawling, walking, running and climbing;             -    participation in football or other games;             -    ability to draw pictures, do jigsaws etc.

Speech, Language and Communications Development
The ability to communicate effectively, confidently and appropriately with others.  Also includes consideration of: * preferred means of communication;
* use of first language;
* ability to gain attention and make contact, access positive relationships, be with others, encourage conversation; * the impulse to communicate, exploring, experiment, labelling and expressing, describing, questioning, representing and predicting, sharing thoughts, feelings and ideas; * listening and paying attention to what others say, making playful and serious responses, enjoying and sharing stories, songs, rhymes and games, learning about words and meanings; * vision and hearing;

* ability to communicate meaning, influence others, negotiate and make choices, understanding of others; * language for communicating and...
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