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Topics: Literary criticism, Literature, Literary theory Pages: 3 (417 words) Published: April 1, 2013
ENGH 305
March 4, 2013

Group presentations- Frankenstein pp 2-46
Owen, Rachel and Ellie

Would you consider Frankenstein to be Gothic Literature or Science Fiction? Has aspects of both

What is the role of science in this story? Is it central? Revered? Reviled? When it is shown to him initially, he reveres it which is why he decides to try to create life. But the light science is shown in is negative.

How do the female characters and their interactions with the males respond to feminist criticism? Is this a feminist work?

How does the Prometheus story on pg 3 (title page) relate to Frankenstein? Or does it?

Word “Narrative” or narration” is used several times in the first forty pages.


March 25
Powerpoint online

Literary theory- the lens or framework through which a text is perceived. Literary criticism- the act of criticism literature

Lit theory and Lit Crit are often used interchangeably. Technically, theory refers to the approach and criticism refers the act. However they go hand in hand. All criticism involves theory, and all theory involves criticism.

Due for Wednesday:
Bedford definition
essay and skim essays

Each school or type of criticism ---- online

Selected theories for Persepolis
New Historicism-examines the text as a product of the time period in which it was produced
-identifies the work within the cultural and political movements of the time Iran during the revolution

Feminist Criticism-examines the role of women writers and characters
-studies how literature reinforces or undermines the economic, political, social and psychological oppression of women Marxist Criticism- views the literature as a product of work
-considers how representations of class and ideology reflect and/or challenge the prevailing social order

Psychoanalytic Criticism-based on theories of Freud
-analyses the psyches of literary characters, focusing on issues such as repression, pleasure, instincts and...
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