English Business Key Vocab.

Topics: Customer service, Sales, Business terms Pages: 3 (340 words) Published: October 9, 2013


Sales: The importance of reassuring customers about the security of internet transactions

Don't give away personal information
Our servers are heavily firewalled
Banners and pop-ups containing security threats (viruses)
Unsecured websites.

Business planning: the factors involved in decidingg whether to relocate a retail business

Form a nucleus of experienced staff in the new offices
Acquiring / Taking over a local company
Sustained growth and profitability
Acquisitions and organic growth
Leveraging our international position

Finance:The importance of the role of the external auditor in external management

Up and coming enterprise
More likely to Pay off
Fall short of
Go about
Turn down
Go bankrupt
Pre-Tax Profits
Profit and loss for the period
Share prices
High Interest rates
Incentive scheme for sales staff
Market Research
Cashflow problems

Test II:

Career Development: the importance of being willing to make long business trips

Undertake our offices in...Expansion plans
Receive a promotion
Move u`p the ladder
Work Abroad
Compensation with financial aid

Purchasing: How to ensure that a company's suppliers consistently meet delivery deadliness

Fine people for late delivery
Our company is Up and running
Screening the shipments
Looking at your Track Record....
Pay on delivery.

Corporate culture: The importance of all staff understanding the corporate culture of their company

Reinforce staff loyalty
Transmit corporate ethics
Keep employees motivated
Reach an understanding


Customer relations: the importance to a company of reliable customer opinions of products

After sales service
Information about future products/ product updates
Cost savings
personalised treatment
Customers are equally valuable to the company
Handle customer complaints

Staff development: the importance to a company of...
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