Exam 1 Study Guide

Topics: Child development, Childbirth, Preterm birth Pages: 2 (317 words) Published: March 25, 2013
HP252 Exam 1 Study Guide
Spring 2013

The following is a guide to the topics that will be covered on the exam. Content will be drawn from lectures, Santrock readings, articles, and video clips on course info from infancy lecture. Study the themes and trends and timelines; I will not pick out some random detail in the text that was not covered in lecture, but you are expected to know the text. There will be 35 multiple choice questions. Date of Exam: Thursday, February 7, 2013

1. Development
a. Developmental issues in the study of lifespan development (nature/nurture, stability/change, and continuity/discontinuity) and their application to developmental theories. b. Examples from Rene, from Up Syndrome movie

c. Overview of main points of different developmental theories. What type of theory each is (e.g., stage-based theory? Nature vs. nurture?). d. Bronfenbrenner’s ecological theory. Be able to describe, apply, and give examples. 2. TPrenatal Development and Early Infancy

e. The time periods of prenatal development – when they are and what happens. f. Chromosomal and gene linked abnormalities and their impact; who do they affect? g. Prenatal screening and diagnostic tests

h. Teratogens: examples, critical periods, effects
i. Infant milestones in gross motor development.
j. Infant cognitive development: Impact of nature/nurture/environment k. Reflexes
l. Patterns of growth
m. SIDS: Risk factors, prevention
n. Low-weight babies vs. Preterm babies: differences and significance o. Separation anxiety
p. Infant milestones in gross motor development.
q. Infant language development (See Santrock)
r. Process and issues of attachment (see Santrock)
3. Pre-term infants
s. Definition of pre-term and low birth weight and impact on development. t. Capabilities of pre-term and full-term infants
u. Issues particular to...
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