history 202

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Instructor Dr. Gregory S. Beirich Office Hours King Hall C3100B, MW 900-950, TR 320-420, and by appointment Phone (323) 343-2244 Email gbeiric@calstatela.edu Texts Norton, A People and a Nation, Brief Edition, Volume I Paine, Common Sense Thoreau, Civil Disobedience and Other Essays This course fulfills the General Education Lower Division American Institution requirement. Purpose of the Course This course is designed to introduce the student to the roots of the United States and its subsequent history until the time of the Civil War. As such, it seeks to discover and explore the common ideas and concepts which contribute to our understanding of our origins and the world in which we live. In addition, the student will gain proficiency in the following areas/skill sets Read and analyze both primary and secondary sources Evaluate multiple primary sources Complete multiple writing assignments, including in-class essay exams, take-home essays, in-class short answers, identifications, thesis sheets. Participate effectively in active learning components, such as discussions and group work. Furthermore, this course will be organized according to three themes Politics and government, religion and philosophy, and society and culture. Students should therefore approach this course from these perspectives in other words, each geographic and/or time period will emphasize an understanding of these themes, both in terms of individual contexts and in terms of overall significance. CLASS FORMAT The primary component of this class will be lecture. Time will be made, however, for classroom discussion. Students are encouraged to develop and use an adequate system of note-taking in order to be able to reflect on classroom material at a later date. Students are also reminded that readings from the textbook should under ideal conditions be completed before the corresponding lecture so as to allow for a better comprehension of the lecture material. Grading policy...
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