Introduction to Business

Topics: Company, Classroom, Management Pages: 4 (1427 words) Published: October 27, 2014
Course Syllabus Introduction to Business Course Code BUS 1020Faculty Member Catherine KennedyPrerequisite -Telephone042189106Co requisite-e-mail catherine.kennedy@emirates.comCredit hours 3Room 14 Accommodation BlockClass TimeTuesday 08.00-09.30 10.00 11.30 Wednesday 08.00-09.30 12.00 13.30Office HoursBBA Sunday 11.00 -12.00 EK BBA Monday 14.00 15.00 Classroom Regulations The use of mobile phones in the classroom is not permitted. Mobiles should be switched to silent at all times and not be responded to during the scheduled class. Students must come to class with the necessary study materials/equipment e.g. textbook, notebook, pens, calculators, reference notes etc. Students must attend all classes on time. Students arriving 30 minutes late will be recorded as one absence for attendance calculation purposes. Standards of behavior in the classroom should be such that all students can study without disruption. Failure to adhere to the classroom regulations may render the student subject to disciplinary action in accordance with the college rules and regulations. Course Description This course will cover all aspects of the external business environment (PEST, competitive environment, demography and location) as well as the internal business environment (structure, culture, etc.) and introduce students to business types, objectives and structures. Course Objectives This course is designed to provide the student with a broad understanding of the business environment as well as an overview of organizations, types, functions and structures. Learning Outcomes At the conclusion of this course, students should be able to A1.1Understand the internal and external business environment.A2.1Understand types of business organizations and their objectives.B1.1Understand organizational structures and functions.A2.2Identify key features of an existing business organization. Evaluation of student performance Attendance...
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