observing harry

Topics: Jean Piaget, Developmental psychology, Kohlberg's stages of moral development Pages: 2 (950 words) Published: October 5, 2014
Observing Harry

Vygotsky: (social cultural theory) believes social interaction is important he stresses that the development of children's learning is a social process he also believe that children's development follows patterns.

Holmes 1993: States parents are more relaxed and less punitive with their second child than with their first borns. Harry had an easier time than his sister he was able to sleep when he wanted as well as eat when he wanted. He was also very demanding in terms of not wanting to wear a jacket when being told to. He therefore was able to make some decisions from an early age. Although he was very demanding this was good as he was able to suggest he was comfortable in his clothes and didn't need the jacket in this case.

Chess and Thomas 1984:21: States "Goodness of fit" describing the relationship between the child and environment. Harry's home and family affects the development and learning in many ways. From reading observing Harry it is clear that if Harry was the first child his parents would have felt under more pressure to make him conform to what they wanted him to do for example wearing his coat. The em I foment they are providing is more relaxed and his behaviour according to chess and Thomas "fits" into the relaxed environment and attitudes his patens are putting forward.

How his family handled his allergy to dairy productsTrevarthen 2001: Children / babies know how their parents are feeling. The comments Harry is hearing about his allergy from his parents may have affected him.

Harry's relationship with his sister
Dunn 1993: young children who are close to their siblings can be in touch with what there siblings feel and think and display this through there use of humore . For example in observing Harry he continuously took his siblings toys which she adored very much till he got a reaction.

How people effect the development and learning (Harry is close with both of his parents) Bowlby attachment  theory 1958 :...
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