Ocr Health and Social Care A2

Topics: Jean Piaget, Developmental psychology, Child development Pages: 40 (10077 words) Published: May 21, 2013
Page 2 – Introduction
Care Practice and Provision
Page 3 - Overview and AO1
Page 5 – AO2
Page 6 – AO3
Page 8 – AO4
Page 9 – Case Studies
Anatomy and Physiology in Practice
Page 12 – Overview
Page 13 – Revision Schedule
Child Development
Page 16 – Overview and AO1
Page 17 – AO2
Page 19 – AO3
Page 20 – AO4
Page 23 – Case study
Page 32 – References
Page 33 – Coursework Mark Schemes
Page 41 - Glossary
Page 45 – Keeping track – record your marks here!
Page 46 - Checklist

Welcome to A2!
The structure for the A2 course is similar to the AS. You will take the following modules: Care practice and provision – meeting service user needs, multidisciplinary teams, promotion of quality assurance by services, legislation. Anatomy and physiology in practice – respiratory system, cardio-vascular system, digestive system, reproductive system, renal system and musculo – skeletal system. Child development – patterns of development, influencing factors, theories of play, how to plan and make a learning aid for a child. The anatomy and physiology module will be exam assessed. The others will be portfolio assessed. General Hints and Tips

* Back up all coursework – do not rely on one computer/ memory stick to keep files on. * Put page numbers on coursework – they are needed for marking! * Refer to texts used throughout your writing.

* Bring this booklet to all lessons where you are likely to work on coursework. * Hand in coursework on time and do not leave completion until the last minute. * Bring in coursework as you go along if you are unsure that you are working on the right lines. * I have exemplar coursework (both excellent and very bad) which you are welcome to look at for ideas/ guidance.

Care Practice and Provision
During this module you will learn about:
* Meeting the needs of service users at a local level.
* How servicers and practitioners meet individual needs.
* Ways in which practitioners within services work in multi-disciplinary teams. * How quality assurance is promoted by services.
* Effects of national policy and legislation on care practice and provision. * Conducting a survey relating to quality assurance.
This module is portfolio assessed.
You need to produce an investigation to show how demographic factors influence the provision of health, social care and early years services in the local area, illustrating how two different local services meet the needs of one service user. AO1

Marks: 10
What do I need to do?
Choose two demographic influences which have influenced the organisation and provision of services in the local area from the following:

• Health needs
• Disability
• Age of populations
• Unemployment
• Numbers of single parent families
• The number of older people in the population.

Research your two chosen demographic influences using the internet, National Trends, local information sources. Write a factual account of the stages in local planning of services which includes information about:

* How local plans are produced.
* How demographic characteristics/trends are used to assess local needs * The ways in which services are commissioned
* A description of the involvement of local stakeholders who contribute to the plan * The influence of national and local targets
* How local services are organised (look at them nationally, locally and internally). * The processes of monitoring and evaluating service provision. Describe ways in which national and local standards, targets and objectives may influence planning (you can include this when showing how plans are produced.

Mark Scheme Extract (Top Band)

* 4 marks - Candidates select two demographic factors which have influenced the planning and provision of services; candidates use written expression which uses appropriate specialist vocabulary to comprehensively describe how relevant...
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