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1.Effects of Reducing class size
Effects of Reducing Class Size
Have you ever been in a class with fifty students? If yes, how do you feel about that, crowded or comfortable? The number of students in a class will affect both teachers and students in positive and negative ways so that is why some parents would rather choose the school with proper size or even hire tutors for their children. If there are too many students in a class (fifty students for example), it is a hard work for the teacher to have everyone’s attention. He or she needs to repeat ‘’quiet’’ or ‘’may I have your attention please’’ all the time. It’s a waste of time to do so. Moreover, it is hard for the teacher to take care students equally. He or she cannot answer questions for every single student during a fifty minutes class. Of course it is difficult to get everybody’s participation as well. Some students are lazy and don’t have interests on the lesson so they would chat or sleep in the class. Compare with small size classes, the teaching effectiveness of big size classes is much lower. On the other hand, there are advantages for both teachers and students who are in small size class. It is easy for everyone to remember each one’s name. The class has more fun and interaction because everyone is closed and gets along with each other very well. Group discussion may also help students to brainstorm and exchange ideas with others. But if it is a class of a big number of students, there is less chance to group discussion, not even share ideas with each other, everyone does their own studies. To conclude, the effects of reducing class size not only help teachers to have more effectiveness on teaching but also make students to learn with different opinions and enjoy their studies. 2.The effect of reducing class sizeHow do you feel when you walk into a class with 50 students? The class room with fifty students and twenty students could give you a different feeling. Because the number of the...
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