Support teaching and learning in schools level 2

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Provide displays in schools
1.2, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4
Displays are very important in schools and are used for different purposes. These are some of the things in which displays maybe used;
To present information
To show the children’s work to others
To celebrate and share achievement
To celebrate diversity
To promote a sense of community
To provide a learning resource
To prompt feedback
To improve the environment
It is very important for displays to be put up as this well help build children’s self-esteem. It will reinforce their learning and shows others what they have achieved. Displays in areas around the school will show the work of pupils and what they have achieved in different areas. They could be related to any curriculum subject, after school activity or even an outside of school activity. Displays in my school always celebrate diversity in the school by showing a range of culturally diverse images with the work they have put up on the display. Around the school I am working in most of the display boards are used as a learning resource for all the children in the school. These displays are put up to enhance the children’s learning by showing artefacts or topic based information for them to use. Displays like this are also found in all the class rooms around the school. My school has a very important structure in the school and makes all children aware of how to improve and protect the environment. The main display in the hall is all about this subject. Not only does it focus on the environment but it also promotes a sense of community and belonging in the school for all children and staff. Requirements and procedures for carrying out a risk assessment for displays. Before we can put up a display around the school or in the class we must always do a risk assessment. Everyone who puts a display up in the school must first be ladder trained as most of the display boards require ladders to put them up. The area must be checked and made safe for the...
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