The Study of Human Develpoment

Topics: Developmental psychology, Critical period, Child development Pages: 3 (590 words) Published: July 31, 2013
Developmental Psychology study sheet for Ch.1 – 6.
Chapter 1
HUMAN DEVELOPMENT- Scientific study of processes of change and stability throughout the human life span… (Conception – Death) LIFE-SPAN DEVELOPMENT – Concept of human development as a lifelong process, which can be studied scientifically. What do developmental scientists study? … Developmentalists study process of change and stability in all domains, or aspects, of developmental throughout all periods of the life span.

PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT – Growth of body and brain, including patterns of change in sensory capacities, motor skills, and health. •COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT – Pattern of change in mental abilities, such as learning, attention, memory, language, thinking, reasoning and creativity. •PSYCHOSOCIAL DEVELOPMENT – Pattern of change in emotions personality, and social relationships. SOCIAL CONSTRUCTION – A concept or practice that may appear natural and obvious to those who accept it, but that in reality is an invention of a particular culture or society. The dividing of a lifetime into 8 periods of development is a social construction, which appears natural, but provides a meaningful definition for a particular society or culture. EIGHT PERIODS of HUMAN DEVELOPMENT

1.Prenatal Period (Conception to Birth)
2.Infancy and Toddlerhood (Birth to age 3)
3.Early Childhood(Ages 3 - 6)
4.Middle Childhood (Ages 6 - 11)
5.Adolescence (Ages 11 – 20)
6.EMERGING and Young AH(Ages 20 – 40)
7.Middle AH(Ages 40 – 65)
8.Late Adulthood(Ages 65 and Over)

Human maturation involves a dynamic mix of heredity, individual differences and environmental factors. Human development occurs within social and historical contexts e.g., family, extended family, socio-economic status, neighborhood, ethnic group, race and the prevailing culture. ETHNIC GLOSS – Over generalization about an ethnic or cultural group that obscures differences within a...
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