1. the First Time You Really Enjoyed a Trip. Who Were You with? Where Was the Trip to? What Did You Enjoy Most? Why? 2.Share Your Opinion About the so-Called "Reality Shows", E.G. "Music Idol"; "Big Brother"; "Dancing

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The first time you really enjoyed a trip. Who were you with? Where was the trip to? What did you enjoy most? Why? I'll tell you about my most exciting trip of my life so far. That was when I was seventh grade. I and my mom went on a trip to Macedonia. The journey there was long because we had to go to Ohrid. On the way there we stopped in various churches and monasteries, which were very beautiful. After a long time have passed we finally got there. It was time for dinner. So we had a little time to get ready and go to dinner. When we were ready we got to the restaurant and then the fun began because there was lots of dancing and other amusements, which were organized by the tour guide. The fun continued into the early morning.

The next day we had a certain time to wake up and it was very early, because we expected much time and duties. First we had breakfast, then we headed with the bus to the other monasteries, they were so beautiful. We visited many places such as Samuilova Fortress. It was very interesting and enlightening, that's why I will remember this trip for a long time.

Share your opinion about the so-called "reality shows", e.g. "Music Idol"; "Big Brother"; "Dancing stars"; "Survivor"; "Fear Factor"; and so on. My opinion on these programs is to some extent positive, but not entirely. I like а reality show from which I can learn something or to figure out something new. For example like the musical reality shows like X factor, music idol, the voice of Bulgaria and much more. The reason that I like them is because they don't allow so much stupidity and people who move on are intelligent figures, not like Big Brother. The participants in this reality show I think are people who try to show themselves or become famous in some way, but I think they do not show themselves and show their stupidity, narrow-mindedness and illiteracy. Reality show which I think can be considered more interesting, it's Survivor, the reason is why that it...
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