12 Year Slave

Topics: Slavery, Slavery in the United States, History of slavery Pages: 2 (717 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Kenneth Holden
April 23, 2013
History Class 1301-03
12 Years a Slave
I show great respect to Solomon Northup and his creation and of this book, a lot of people were said to believe, that the main idea in this book was to talk about slavery during the 1800’s, and how Northup had been born in the year 1808 and also had been born a free man who lived in a free state for more than thirty years. The book tells us that Northup was said to have believed that his life and fortunes would be uninteresting to the public, because of how long ago this unhappy story accrued.

In the book review assignment, Mr. Hernando you wanted to know what it was that Solomon was writing about in the book, Twelve Years a Slave. Well Northup started off by telling us that he only wanted to speak on slavery, only so far as it came under his own observation. Again only so far as he had known and experienced it in his own person. To shorten that up, basically his objective was to give a truthful and candid statement of facts. He wanted to repeat the story of his life with exaggeration leaving it up to others to determine whether even the pages of fiction present a picture of more cruel wrong or a severe bondage to his slavery.

During the early 1800’s ways of slavery became the most absolute helpless way of human servitude. The ways of hard labor had come from brute force and their lively hood was the property of others. The kind of work they had to go through most of the slaves were given tasks due to their physical capability. A regular day of work for a slave was usually around fifteen to sixteen hours a day seven days a week. A good majority of the work was in the field especially around harvest time they had to do a lot of cropping picking cotton etc. Even when the women slaves were pregnant they still had to work in the fields hoeing and picking crops.

Mr. Northup tells us that if the slaves had not been meeting their masters requirements that they would be whipped and beaten...
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