1965 Investment In Education Report

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What did the report in 1965 highlight? What was it about and what changes did it lead to? The Investment in Education Report of 1965 was brought about after the government commissioned it in 1962. This report provided a systematic analysis of the education system at all levels. Its aim was to identify the weaknesses and try identify future trends in the hope of framing educational targets. The report highlighted the inequalities that existed surrounded several issues. Access to secondary education and the opportunities were dependant on social grouping and geographical location. The school leaving age was low with high numbers leaving before reaching primary certificate level. The number of children from vocational schools entering third level courses as well as many social groups attendance in universities were at low rates. The report also identifies that there was a lack of national teachers and there was a need for educational planning that was open to continuous revision and adaptation. The report also highlighted the need to increase the flow of educated people in order to meet the demands of the economy. Overall it highlighted that there was a need to improve the efficiency of the educational sector. The report made recommendations regarding its findings. The introduction of scholarship schemes would increase participation levels. Amalgamating small national schools as well as continuous in-service training of teachers would improve the efficiency and there was a strong need for policy planning. All these were unimaginative, yet important in future changes. This was report was significant in that it was the first statistical, quantative research in the new independent Ireland (post 1922). The relationship between educational policy and economical development was significantly stressed in this report. This new found emphasis on the relationship lead to the shaping of economical needs influencing educational policy. The Investment in Education Report...
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