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209 Support children and young people’s positive behaviour.

1.1 Describe the policies and procedures of the setting relevant to promoting children and young people’s positive behaviour.

The policies and procedures in   place in my setting relevant to promoting children’s and young people’s behaviour are,

• Behaviour policy
• Anti-bullying policy
• Attendance
• Dealing with conflict and inappropriate behaviour
• Rewards and sanctions
• Code of conduct
Behaviour policy
The behaviour policy is a guideline to staff on how pupils should behave. It is important for all staff to apply the behaviour policy for the safety of all pupils and staff. The behaviour policy should be clear for all staff, pupils and parents to understand and be followed at all times. Anti-bullying policy

The anti-bullying policy is something all pupils should follow; staff should encourage good behaviour and respect for others and prevent any form of bullying. Any child that feels they are being bullied should feel comfortable enough to talk to any member of staff and all parents should feel equally as comfortable in talking to a member of staff knowing that it will get dealt with in the right way following the policy put in place. Attendance

For children and young people to get the best out of their education it is vital they attend school regularly;, regular time off school will seriously affect their learning and routine. It is an offence to keep children off school without a good reason and may result in the parents being prosecuted. Dealing with conflict and inappropriate behaviour

The conflict and inappropriate behaviour policy is set in place because in order for your child to flourish the most is when they know how to behave properly and as expected. Children gain this by following the example set by adults both in the setting and at home. Making sure restrictions are kept minimal schools can set boundaries for the health and safety of the children and of their peers.

1.2 Describe, with examples, the importance of all staff consistently and fairly applying boundaries and rules for children and young people’s behaviour in accordance with the policies and procedures of the setting.

This is a list, which goes through different things to make a good class by demonstrating behavior in a "recipe" style list for example it says "mix in 10 children" and "sprinkle in good manners". The teacher will remind the class of this "recipe" if ever behavior is not up to standard. The school does not tolerate bullying. Every week the school has a "Shine assembly" in which one person from each class is chosen to be "star of the week" and, there is an award for rights respecting for whitch a child in each class this is presented by the head teacher and a certificate is given out. There are also special mentions given out for attendance for the class which has the highest attendance. They get to sit on a special table the following week and are given treats like biscuits/breadsticks and milkshake instead of water. There is also a special mentions for a child who has been good at lunchtime; this is called the lunchtime award. Attendance is monitored very closely. Holidays are not permitted during term time and are not authorized if requested. Although the school does not permit these holidays, they allow up to a maximum of 2 weeks off, and after which attendancethis is monitored much more closely. If a child is ill/absent, the parent/career must contact the school before 10:30am, otherwise the school will then contact you to find out firstly why no contact has been made and secondly why they are not at school. The behaviour of teachers/volunteers/teaching assistants is also monitored closely and they have set procedures to follow on how to deal with challenging behaviour, how they should behave around their pupils and what to do in certain situations. ]

2.1 Describe the benefits of encouraging and rewarding positive behaviour.

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