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REPORT WRITING GUIDELINES: Issued by P.P. Motau, Department of Accounting & Finance

The Industrial Attachment Guidelines provide all material information in respect of the proper conduct and successful completion of practical attachment. Students are particularly reminded to proactively consider the form that the Industrial Attachment Report would take whilst they are still with the host organisation, so that they may collect all pertinent information whilst they have the opportunity to do so. It has proven difficult in the past for students to revert to their host organisation to secure some relevant information for purposes of report writing, which is why students are encouraged to seriously consider information-gathering for report writing purposes at this early stage. SUGGESTED GUIDELINES FOR THE INDUSTRIAL ATTACHMENT REPORT In addition to duties and responsibilities as indicated in 4.1 in the Guidelines, students are advised to note the following:  Report should be written in the English Language and must be submitted in electronic form in MICROSOFT WORD format  Report should be a minimum of twelve (12) typed pages (content ONLY, not illustrations, appendices, etc), Times New Roman font size 12, line spacing of 1.5  Report must have a cover page detailing the author’s name, student identification number, programme of study, course name and code (the style and format of this cover page is not prescribed and therefore the student is at liberty to exercise his discretion)  The page following the cover page is normally reserved for Acknowledgements, if any  The next page should detail the Table of Contents. The first chapter of the report should start immediately after the Table of Contents  Please note that the above two pages (Acknowledgements and Table of Contents) are numbered serially in small Roman Numerals, and that the main body of the Report is numerically numbered following the conventional numbering system, that is, 1, 2, etc. page numbers must be at the bottom centre of the page  Appendices (such as organisational structure, sample documents from organisation, etc) and References/Bibliography come after chapter 5  If the student intends to use or uses the University logo on the cover page, evidence of approval to use such logo must be provided separately. The Policy on the Logo of the University of Botswana is available in the UB website Further to the above, the Report should be written in the following format (minimum number of pages shown in 4.1, requirement 10 in the Guidelines (Chapter HEADINGS below must be in BOLD, CAPITALS, FONT SIZE 14):  Chapter 1: Introduction (5%) The objectives of industrial attachment are covered in Section 2 in the Guidelines. You are expected to write the same objectives in this part. Methodology refers to the methods and procedures that you adopted in collecting information for purposes of report writing, and these may take the form of verbal communication, observation, organisation publications, desk research, interviewing, participation in events, etc.

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Chapter 2:

The Organisation (10%) This chapter deals with the organisation as is, its historical importance in its line of business, and the nature of its business. This is important in understanding the nature of its operations and the financial transactions that it is most likely to engage in, as this provides impetus in your appreciation of the nature of the organisational system and its related definable sub-systems. Knowledge of the organisation is also critical for completion of the following two chapters. Management, Training and Employee Information (10%) This chapter seeks to establish the circumstances under which the intern was able to fully engage themselves in the work that they were required to do. The intern can only succeed in such a mission if they are fully supported by the obtaining systems, organisational structure...
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