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Histography means the history of history writing or in other word the art of writing past records or accounts. It is different from the collection of historical evidence, the editing of the historical sources, thoughts and imaginations parse but it is related and sometimes overlaps all of them. AFRICA DIASPORA

The word “Diaspora” is used to describe communities living their original homes, the African Diaspora has been used to refer to the study and account of series of reactions, to the imposition of the economic and the rule of alien people in Africa, to slavery and imperialism, trades and trade rout such as in “periplus of erynthian sea” In conclusion the African historian has in most instances focused on slave trade, slavery, the period of imperialism and the petition on Africa. Shepperson ‘s conceptualization of African Diaspora recognized the important role of role of internal migrations, for example the forceful extraction from the mainland transportation to east Africa , oversees other part of Africa. AFRICAN HISTOGRAPHY

Initially Africans history was written by Europeans, they took a prejudice, xenophobic and racialist standpoint there by alienating the facts about the real African History. Africans were presented in as barbaric, uncultured and primitive. To Hegel, Africa had no history in the world; it had no movement or development exhibit. The colonial period in Africa left a historic legacy to overcome. The colonial imprint on the historic know how gave a wrong perspective, a Eurocentric view of a world created during the time of European dominion in Africa. They inculcated the idea that European education be acceptable as the modern knowledge. The Shift

Despite the initial attitude, 20th century ushered a new era of intellectualism that gave birth to true history of Africa and the world in general. This brought to pay new movements of research and study of African History; this was taken up by different people around the world including Africans historians. This came along way to lift African History to a level of recognition to a contributor to world history, people neglected before and human experiences initially buried under narrow traditions were brought t the light of the world, for instance Egypt which for long had been taken to fall under Asia became an area of intense research and it was revealed to have started the very first civilization which later spread to Greece, Rome and Europe. According t Wed du Bois view; it was in Nile valley that significant human culture arose. The 20th century shift therefore apart from giving a balance view of human development also served as a warning that history should not just be taken as a semi-private possession valuable only to a particular society. THE EMRGENT OF AFRICAN HISTORIANS

European history was a history of great powerful and great men and not small people. It ignored the rich cultures of various societies. With time a group of African historians emerged and divorcing themselves from the Eurocentric approaches, they were more concerned with erasing racial notion purporting Africa as a non historical entity. They pointed to the large African empires and ancient empires which were very organized and had political history just like any other European country. The first role of African historians was to correct the view and change the value judgment leaving the roles unchanged. Europeans in Africa rather than being seen as heroes of civilization were seen as cruel exploiters who made little effort to effect transformation and whose administration styles emphasized full and relegation of Africans to subordinate roles. The emergence of nationalist movements is indicative of African role playing, political scientist writing of this were the first to decolonize the history of colonial period. J. Illife, E.I Steinhart, A.A mazrui and many others have featured prominently, in their account they attempted to give a more...
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