Africa in Age of Transition

Topics: Atlantic slave trade, Slavery, Africa Pages: 2 (266 words) Published: August 27, 2013
Chapter 3 Section 2
Africa in Age of transition

Plantation: A large agricultural estate
Triangular Trade: A pattern of trade that connected Europe, Africa and Asia, and the American continents; Middle Passage: The journey of slaves from Africa to the Americas, so called because it was the middle portion of the Triangular Trade route 2.-Identify

King Alfonso: The greatest kin of Congo. He made friendly relationships with Portugal. Ibo: A society of eastern Nigeria that was based on Independent Village. 3.- Locate
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A= Europeans got access when Local African Merchants started to sell them. Mostly they were prisoners of war. They were transported to Brazil, and America. 5.-Identify
A= The people of Benin lost faith in their gods, their art deteriorated, and human sacrifice became more common. 6.-Analyze
A= Africans engaged in Slave Trade because of the Slave sellers that existed in Africa. They were greed. They didn’t had a choice, they were prisioners of war. 7.-C & C
Authority Rested in a political leader.Authority Rested in a political leader.Authority Rested in a political leader. They were destroyed by slavery.They were destroyed by slavery.They were destroyed by slavery. They were Hunters and Soldiers.Has ranks between them.They were active traders,

Geography Skills
1.- Interpreting maps
A= The West coast because it was the one nearest to the Ocean and to America. 2.-Applying Geography Skills
A= In America it would be much more humid than Africa. And in Europe it would be somehow much more cooler than Africa.
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