Africa Since 1940

Topics: Africa, Atlantic slave trade, Sub-Saharan Africa Pages: 5 (2065 words) Published: April 2, 2011
The colonization of the African nation has played an important part on the world and how blacks were treated. What they endured as a people, showed the high element of inequality and injustice brought on by a group of people on to another. This period in time brought a change in a nation rocked with pain and anguish. Intervention and invasion from other countries saw the decline in the wealth that Africa once possessed. The notion that Africans were uncivilized was the mindset of the Europeans as they made their presence known. What they did was to manipulate the minds of the African people to gain what they set out to attain. Their goal has always been to rob them of their livelihood, to destroy and steal what were rightly the Africans. Ignorance and defiance became the downfall of many, as they trusted the words of the whites. The destruction and atrocities that Africans faced was indicative of the cruel way in which European invaded the nation and took control in the name of colonization. Many books made note of the colonizing of the African nation. Three of those great books are: African Since 1940 The Past of the present by Frederick Cooper, The Nigerian Civil war by John de ST.Jorre and African Perspectives on Colonialism by A.ADU Boahen. However, of the three books Boahen provides more supplemental materials that support my thesis. The most important economic change that occurred in Africa was during the period 1880-1960. This period marked the colonization and the scramble for African colonies. Boahen writes “The first and the most important of the economic changes that had occurred in Africa by 1880 were the abolition and suppression of that most inhuman and abominable of all trading activities- namely, the slave trade-and its replacement by trade in natural products, which has become known in typical Euro- centric terms as legitimate trade” (Boahen pg. 1).Slave trade exemplified the harsh cruelty that Africans faced. They were sold into slavery and beaten and many die during that time. The middle passage journey of slaves that were sold across the world to work on plantations proved to be the worst journey in history. Slave trade only profited the European as slaves were an aspect of making money for their masters. Not only were the African people forced to leave most of the power countries’ economies weak and on the brink of collapse. They needed new ways to generated money which they did by overflowing Africa and retaining most of the Natural resource such as ivory, diamond, and gold. The scramble for Africa open door to a new way of thinking: the county did not just change economically but socially. According to Cooper by the 1700s the era in, “Pan- Africanist was at its highest point of mobilization in African political history”.(Cooper 24) .For the first time westerners such as Marcus Garvey from African decedent who was captives of slavery, began to challenge imperialism. They launch organizations: International African Service Bureau based out of London. Regional linkages were established between countries and hybrid culture was form. People of western African coast began referring to themselves as nations. Black influential understood the gravity of slavery and knew that the change has to begin with them.

The 1880 was a better time period in Africa because Slavery was abolished and therefore, the old African country way of life have been abolish to some degree in that now people were no longer under bondage. These individuals were free to live a life in less fear and with a more renew sense of hope for the future. It was good that a new Africa was emerging because this means that individuals will be more incline to want to strive for a better life for themselves and their families and to make a better future for their children. Moreover, after the abolition of slavery the formation of legitimate trade means that individuals could have a source of gaining employment to help to support...
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