African Self Rule

Topics: United Kingdom, British Empire, Fante Pages: 3 (652 words) Published: May 17, 2015
Matthew Clark
HIST 1112
04 MARCH 2015
An Argument for African Self-Rule
In Chapter 7 we read about the forming of a self- government for the Fante, a people from the western coast of Africa. This chapter is very interesting to me because it focuses on the viewpoints of the Fante people. In the source, An Argument for African Self-Rule, James Afrikanus Horton tells the British people that the Fante were in fact “civilized” enough to self-govern, a lot of Fante were in fact educated in schools in England and Scotland, and those educated at western schools in the native land were just as bright. He is also telling African readers to takes steps toward self-governing. He then begins to give recommendations to the British for the specific situation of the Fante. Horton believed that the Fante still needed British help even though they were “civilized” enough to govern themselves because of the impending threat of an attack by the neighboring Asante to the north. Without a British presence the Fante would have no superior authority to look to except the Governor, whose instruction is to not give support to the interior. His offering would consist of little ammunition and few guns. As a result, each king will be responsible for furnishing a small number of their own men to defend their tribe, not nearly enough to handle the more prepared Asante. The Asante’s war tactics were to fight each king in detail. After completely devastating one king, they would then move on the next, resulting in the Asante always coming out victorious. This tactic by the Asante would leave the Fante people devastated. The Fante would become fearful of losing their property and lives, and start to think that they may be better off under the rule of the Asante. Horton continues by asking Britain for a ruler in which they can trust to step in and provide generals that have experience in brush fighting and battle both offensively and defensively, that would all report to the same...
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