African Talking Drum

Topics: Atlantic slave trade, Slavery, Africa Pages: 2 (783 words) Published: July 15, 2011
The African Talking drum
A celebration of an identity
In my essay I want to emphasize on the importance of the African Talking drum to the people who were brought to the land of the Americas in chains, and that in those trying and horrible times,a feeling of trying to establish a level of order and dignity amongst themselves helped them establish a strong connection between the African people and their musical instruments most specifically their drums. Deep in the African continent in Sub-Saharan as well as in Western Africa hythms, spiritual dimensions and the order of the universe are not generally separated into compartments in the mind of most people. Traditional African societies acknowledge that the drum has a spirit and character that is clearly observable. It is believed by many African communities that voices of great ancestors are hidden inside the wood of trees so they could be accessed whenever men and women need them. African history has been maintained through an oral tradition. Everywhere, slaves strived to keep the heritage and practice of drums alive. Drums from Cameroon represent various types of African drums. Due to its many peoples and unique geographical location (on the coast, deep in the heart of Africa as well as close to the Sahara), Cameroon is sometimes seen as Africa in miniature. Drums also reflect spiritual, social, ethno-anthropological and artistic perspectives. The historical and cultural significance of drums with regard to the Transatlantic Slave Trade is noteworthy. During the Passage, slaves were encouraged to beat the drum. The hope was that beating the drum would keep their morale as high as possible. But upon arrival in the Americas, beating the drum was forbidden for most slaves. Slave owners were usually fearful of or could not understand the influence that beating the drum had on slaves. Nevertheless, the drum continued its journey, and accompanied black slaves everywhere they went, influencing or creating new...
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