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Hello, Good afternoon, My name is Mohammad p. Lajarato, aka Laj, a Senior student of this school and I am running for President under the banner of SPARTANS Party. Dedicated, Hardworking, Responsible. And Enthusiastic. These are the words that describe me, and my fellow party mates. And these are the reasons why you should vote for Us. I cannot promise that if I am elected we will be allowed to have no tests or have no homework. But I can listen to what you, the students have to say, and pass it on to the faculty. I will do my best to meet any student requests. The only promise I can make is that I will do my hardest to help you, the students, have a memorable school year

Why did I choose Spartans? Let me tell you what Spartans means, this a Students’ Party for Advance Realistic Topmost And Nurturing School. Meaning the student council will be working hand in hand with the school administration to achieve and maintain a quality education, disciplined and skilled students. These are our platforms: First is to put up a suggestion box. From the name itself, this is an open suggestion from each and every students towards the school administration and the faculty. I think this is a great idea because some of us are hesitant to approach our teachers or the school administration to voice out our problems or opinions. In this suggestion box, you can write down your suggestions and opinions related to school matters. Every end of the week, the box will be opened by the Student Council Officers to read your comments and opinions, and we will act as your liaisons with the faculty members. Another platform is to provide extra first aid kits in the boys section. At present we have first aid kit in the principal’s office but if we could have two or three more extra kits this will help us in emergency situation. We would also suggest putting up a bulletin board to update us on any upcoming events or school activities.

We will continue to establish various clubs that...
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