All Types of Entertainment

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All Types Of Entertainment
In today’s society everyone seems to be trying to find the best form of entertainment. Most people now days seem to find this entertainment fix with television. So many people seem to watch TV for the simple fact that it offers such a wide variety of choices. The different kinds of series can be broken down into four major groups: situation comedies, serial shows, reality television, and sports. A major category of TV shows is the situation comedy. In situation comedies the characters remain in the same situation from episode to episode. The situation usually focuses on family, workplace, or a group of friends. It was the first of the categories to come about, starting in black and white in the 1940’s. Shows such as “Leave It To Beaver” and “I Love Lucy” were shows based on the stereotypes of their time, which pulled in its viewers because they could relate to the storylines of the shows. Most sitcoms are a half-hour in length and aired weekly. Many of the earliest sitcoms were direct adaptations of existing radio shows. Eventually, sitcoms began to divide themselves into two distinct groups: the domestic comedy, which focused on a family or a married couple in their home, and the workplace comedy, which focused on the employees at a workplace.

Another major TV show category is something called a serial show. Serials in television are often in a weekly prime time slot, which relies on a continuing plot that unfolds in a serial fashion, episode by episode. Serials typically follow main plot arcs that span entire seasons or even the full run of the series, which sets them apart from regular sitcoms. The biggest tool used in serials is the use of cliffhangers which is still prevalent in adventure shows, it is just that they are now typically used just before a commercial break and the viewer need only wait a few minutes to see its resolution. Shows such as “Lost” and “24” exemplify this scenario the best because they always...
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