American TV Blockbuster in China

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 American TV Blockbuster in China

In contemporary China, people are profoundly influenced by western culture in every respect of their lives---South Korea dressing fad, romantic lifestyle of Paris, Japanese Cartoon and electronic gadgets, footballing fever-pitch from South America and so on. One more country worthy to be mentioned, except all of the countries listed above, is the United States. With its cutting-edge techonology, systematic political tradition freatured in democracy, as well as all-embracing modern culture, Uncle Sam is incessantly imposing a profound and extensive impact on Chinese youngsters’ lives. In this report, I will place my emphasise on one aspect of the impact by specifically elaborating on American TV serise, the general understanding of American TV serise, the reasons of its ever-growing popularity as well as striking features of it. A questionnair was conducted beforehand to back up this report and provide statistical data.

【What is American TV serise?】

American TV serise is genrally considered as the films with 20--30 episodes a season broadcasted by different TV stations in the USA. Some cases in point like Big Bang Theory on CBS, Friends on NBC, Desperate Wives on ABC as well as Prisonbreak on FOX. If you subdivide the American TV serise in another prespective, they can be also categorized as TV Drama like Lost, Action Films like Presonbreak, Situational Comedy like Good Luck Charlie, Reality Show like Celebrity Apprentice and Fantasy Show like Vampire Dairy. Most American TV serises boast better envision to the fiture, bold imagination, extraordinary sense of humor and gripping plot with endless twists and turns.

In early 1980s, the first American TV serise named The Man From Atlantis travelled all the way across the Pacific Ocean and landed on China. This is the first American TV program ever broadcasted in mainland China and it proved to have been such a huge boom. For the first time in the history, Chinese people...
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