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November 27, 2012
Amistad Assignment
The speaker of the film “Amistad” is David Franzoni. Since this fact was not identified verbally during any part of the movie, and I was not able to view the credits, I went to the World Wide Web to find the author for the movie.

The subject of the film “Amistad” would prove to be freedom and everyone’s right to the acquisition to such freedom despite opposition. This is proven throughout the film in that despite the efforts of some individuals who sought to illegally gain these slaves, in the end the right for everyone to be free won over. In depth, the Africans on “La Amistad,” specifically Cinque, lead a rebellion against the Spaniards that are holding them captive on the ship. In the process, many of the Africans and the Spaniards are killed except for Ruiz and Montez, who are the owners of the ship. The Africans believe that Ruiz and Montez and sail them back to West Africa. The Spaniards deceive the Africans into believing that they are sailing to West Africa when actually they are sailing straight towards the United States. Thereafter, the Africans are continually put on trial, attempting to decide whether to imprison them for murder, or release them as slaves to Ruiz and Montez who supposedly are the owners of the Africans. When it is proven by Roger Sherman Baldwin, the Africans’ attorney, that they are in fact not slaves, the Africans win their freedom. This proves that in this case, everyone’s right to attain personal freedom should be acknowledged on both the state, national, and international levels.

The tone of the film “Amistad” could be described as full of sympathy combined with determination to pursue one’s personal rights. This was shown in the progression of the movie. In the beginning of the movie, we were shown the distress of the enslaved Africans and how they were treated. We were given a view of how the Africans were being forced...
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