An Essay on Organizational Communication

Topics: Communication, Organization, Employment Pages: 6 (2235 words) Published: November 17, 2013
Here is an essay-mid-term paper on organizational communication

An Essay on Organizational Communication. By Ernie Sanchez.

Organizational Communication Leon Estep.

In this essay I would first like to address how communication deals with the changing world of work. Communication is the transfer and understanding of meaning. It involves the process of gathering, processing and distributing information, which not only touches but is also a vital activity in any place of work and all of the organization’s functions. Communication is a social process in functioning of any group, organization or community. It influences the decisions of the individual and later the decisions of said organization. Organization is defined as a stable system or structure of individuals who work together to achieve, through a hierarchy of ranks, common goals. This structure influences the way we communicate in terms of the method amount of information it channels. The reason for studying and understanding organizational communication is that it is highly structured. Through theses means of communication the individuals understand their roles and functions in said organization. This behavior in application with in the organization also effects how the organization reacts to and with the outside world. Let us say you were asleep and woke up to a work day in say, 1960. How different is your work life today, compared to what it was forty years ago? There would clearly be no Starbucks in every corner or cell phones in every pocket. In today’s world, the structure, content, and process of work have changed. Work today is now more cognitively complex; more team-based and collaborative, more dependent on social skills. It involves more dependency on technological competence, and more time pressured, along with more mobile and less dependent on geography. In the world today you will also be working for an organization that is likely be very different due to the fact of its competitive pressures and technological breakthroughs. Today’s organizations are far more leaner and agile, more focused on identifying value from costumer perspective and more tuned to dynamic competitive requirements and strategies. It will have less hierarchical structure and decision authority along with less job security and less likely to provide life long careers and continually reorganizing to maintain or gain competitive advantage. The changing workplace is driven by organizational issues such as Cognitive competence, social and interactive competence, the new “physiological contract” between employees and employers, and the changes in process and place. In cognitive competence; cognitive workers are expected to be more functionally and cognitively fluid and able to work across many kinds of tasks and situations. The broader span of work, brought by changes in the organizational structure, and also creates new demands. In a 2001 report from the National Research Council has called attention to the importance of relational and interactive aspects of work. As collaboration and collective activity become more prevalent, workers need well developed social skills; what the report calls “emotional labor’. The physhcological contract: as work changes, so does the nature of the relationship between employees and employers. In the new work context, the informal so called “physhcological contract” between workers and employers-what each one expects of the other-focuses on competence development, continuous training and work/life balance. In...
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