Analysis of Sacred Text-Dhammapada

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Analysis of Sacred Text

The Dhammapada is a collection of the Buddha’s teachings and practices that are designed to be practiced and understood by all humankind. I was drawn to this sacred text because I have been interested and practiced some Buddhism rituals, but I have never read and analyzed any of Buddha’s teachings. While reading the Dhammapada I was able to relate and recognize the value that the passages could have on the transformation of people’s lives. Humans actions are a result of their thoughts, and the action that is placed from that thought will determine a person’s happiness. There is evil everywhere in the world, but being able to acknowledge this evil and not succumb to evil actions or thoughts is one of the hardest tasks humans will face, and to be able to handle this task one must display maturity in their actions and words. The Dhammapada teaches that to have a clear mind, one will live a good life, and I believe everyone could benefit from better understanding what it takes to have a clear mind. In this paper I will discuss my thoughts on how the teachings of the Dhammapada has significant influence recognizing that the quality life is determined by each action and thought a person has. Humans are a product of what they think and the actions they display. Selfish thoughts cause misery while selfless thoughts lead to ultimate happiness. Chapter one in the Twin Verses states, “All that we are is the result of what we have thought: we are formed and molded by our thoughts” (p.105). These thoughts are then made into actions. These actions whether they are good or bad will ultimately lead to a specific destiny that can be negative or positive. Destiny has two paths, one that is easy an easy path or one that is the hard path. The easy path will ultimately lead to more suffering, while the difficult path will lead to nirvana. I feel that almost all of humankind is only worried about their individual selves and how fast they can...
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