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The market that we are going to put up is restaurant, this business is growing and going bigger as time goes by in such way that people want a new variety of delicious food, convenient and comfortable place/venue that can afford at lower price. This will be established at Junction, Echague, Isabela. This place is near at Isabela State University where students, teachers, and non-working people can easily go to our restaurant.

The said business is a good idea because many students want a new style of restaurant here in echague. Although many restaurants are established in echague me with my co-partner in the business decided to build a new restaurant were in there is entertainment and especially as we have said we want our costumer feel the comfort at the same time happiness while eating together with their friends and family.

Marketing Analysis

The current demand of our Restaurant is high and inevitable. Because as far as we know food is one of the basic needs of people. And in this generation Filipino always wants the best but in affordable price. So we propose a business that is fit to us a citizen today.

Target Market

Our target will be ISU student, teachers, non-working people, tricycle drivers and also tourist. But in our conducted survey we saw that our priority should be ISU students. * These potential customers are boarders at Camarag Village. * There are thousands of potential customers are in our target market. Also include tricycle drivers in Echague Toda * These customers are likely to order 7 meal/ week.

Competency Analysis

The competency is big and tough, because there is also restaurant that gives good service to the customers but our expectation to our proposing business is big. Because before we build our own business we also experience how to be a customer. Although they are giving a good service to their customers we saw some errors/problems in their restaurant such as dirty , not free form flies, cockroach and the like, not comfortable, crowded, slow service and not well ventilated place.

So we decided to build our own restaurant business to remove all the problems that customers encountered every day. What we want is to look our restaurant convenient, clean and comfortable to go to.

Name| Weaknesses| Strength|
WOW Foods| * Crowded place * Lack of Rice and small amount of rice when serving a meal. * Cant accommodate many customers.| * Delicious Food * All foods are new cook every day. * They have a Specialty Dish| VERNAS| * Not well-ventilated place * Sometimes some orders are not manage well * Not free from lies because it is open area * No Comfort Room| * Delicious Food * They have a waiter that will deliver your food in your table * They also offered different types of bread.| KABALEN| * Not well-ventilated place * Dirty utensils * Crowded place * Not free from lies and the like | * Delicious Food * They have different variety of Foods * They have a Specialty Dish|

*** Many restaurants are here in San Fabian, Echague but the Vernas, Kabalen and Wow Foods get the Highest Rating in our conducted survey***

Organizational Issue

There is only a partnership that to be part of our own business. We are both the decision makers of the business it’s more likely we are the BOSS. We’re going to contribute for the business that we are going to build. Our goal is to give a good and delicious service to our customers and also we accept suggestions to our customers for the Good, Better, BEST outcome of our proposing business because we want the BEST for our customers. At the end of the day we will make a report for the whole day running profit of our restaurant.

The qualification that we are going to hire is that he/she knows how to accommodate people/customers has a pleasing personality, kind and humble. This qualification helps our restaurant more...
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