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Test Paper
Section 1 : Multiple choice, circle the best choice A, B, C, or D in each questions. Each Question Carries 1 mark 1. Which of the following processes do water molecules gain heat? A. Melted ice cream freezing when put in to refrigerator

B. Water droplets forming on outside of a cold can of soda C. Icecube melting when left outside
D. Water droplets forming on a window on a cold day
2. Which of the following properties should a sponge have to carry out its functions? A. It should be an absorbent B. It should be able to conduct electricity C. It should be transparent D. It should be malleable 3. Which type of materials lets light through it , but the light rays are scattered? A. Transparent B. Opaque C. Translucent D. Water proof 4. Bronze is made up of

A . Iron and Tin B. Lead and Iron C. Carbon and Zinc D. Copper and Tin 5. What acid is found in Vinegar?
A. Lactic acid B. Hydrochloric acid C. Ethanoic acid D. Propanoic acid 6. Igneous rocks are also called as
A. Fire Rock B. Ice rock C. Coal D. Lime stone
7. The process by which rocks break up to form fragments is called A. Eruption B. Weathering C. Surface run off D. Erosion 8. The word fossil was first used by which scientist
A. Nicolaus Steno B. Georgius Agricola C. Alexdenra Flemmings D. Robert Hook 9. Which type of soli has 70% sand, 20% slit and 10% clay?
A. Sandy Soil B. Humus C. Loam D. Top Soil
10. Which Period do human lives in
A. Cambrian B. Jurassic C. Tertiary D. Quaternary

Section 2 A. Answer all the questions in this sections.
Fill in the blanks . ( 16 marks)
1. Theory suggest that our solar system has been formed because of an explosion a.) Name the planet in our solar system that
i) Has plants. Animals and microorganisms living on it Earth ii) Smallest planet in our solar system pluto
iii) Largest planet in our solar system Jupiter
iv) Planet which is closest to the sun Mercury
v) Planet which has 3 layers of ring around it Saturn
2. Air is a mixture of non – metals oxygen and hydrogen are two properties of a non metal in air 3. Matter is anything that has mass and Occupy Space ( volume) 4. If a solid is heated enough , it looses it shape and starts to flow .This change is called melting 5. Solid , liquid , and gas are 3 states of matter .

6. Loam is made up of 40% sand, 40% slit and 20% clay

Section 2 B.
1 a.) On our Earth we find different types of rocks. With an example of each , name the three main types of rocks .(3marks) Igneous rock eg: basalt
Sedimentary rock eg; limestone
Metamorphic rock eg :slake
1b.) Soil is formd from rocks due to weathering
i) Name two physical factor that causes weathering . (2marks) Changes in temperature
Effect of ice
Effect of plants
ii) Name two properties of soil that can be used to identify the type of soil. (2marks) Soil Texture
Drainage and water bolding
Air in soil
iii) You are given sandy soil , loam and clay soil and asked to test the water drainage capability of them .Arrange the 3 types of soil in order of decreasing water drainage (3marks) 1 Sandy soil 2 loam 3 clay

iv) Draw and label the diagram of earth and describe each layer (6marks) Refer page 160 figure 11.4

v) 50cm3 of soil was found to container 10cm3 of bath tube .What is the percentage of air the soil? (2marks) 10/50 * 100 = 20%

1c) What are ores and give two examples of ores ? (3marks)
Rocks that posses large quantities of metal compound. Eg : Bauxite and haematite 1d) How is metamorphic rocks are formed ? (1marks)
Metamorphic rocks are formed from igneous and sedimentary rocks that have been heated squashed in the earth crust .

2) Figure 1 shows the fossil records of some living things .With reference to Figure 1 answer the questions that follow .

a) Which organisms have...
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