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Sophie DeGreen
September 16, 2014

Section Review

What was the role of the colonies in the British mercantilist system?
The English crown pursued mercantilist policies and stretched it to the America’s through the Navigation Acts. The colonies role in the British mercantilist system was to produce raw materials and goods. Then they would export it ONLY to England where it would be re-exported into finished products.

Explain the causes and the results of the Glorious Revolution in England and America.
The one main cause of the Glorious Revolution in England was James II. He aggravated many political authorities in England and rejected all their advice. When James II’s Catholic wife had a son, the parliament had to do something in fear of another Catholic heir to the throne. They didn’t want another James II, and that was in store unless the rebelled. Protestant bishops and parliamentary leaders in the Whig party led the rebellion, backed up by the majority of the people and the military. This resulted in James’ daughter to his first wife to be queen and her husband to be King. This was William of Orange and Mary. They, forced, gave the Whig party more power and created a constitutional monarchy. The rebellion in America was similar, because the one in England sparked it. Puritan leaders and military seized their governor, Andros, and sent him back to England, mainly for his strong support of following the English Church. The poor farmers, whose prices were falling, were tired of being taxed by Catholic officials. This resulted up in the Dominion of England to be broken up. This included the King appointing government officials, land-owning men to vote, and no Puritan restrictions on the Church of England.

How did the South Atlantic System work, and what were its major elements? How did it shape the development of the various colonies?
Britain’s attention on the American colonies reproduced the growth of a new agricultural and...
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