Are Parents Totally Unaware of Online Predators

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The internet is a technology that continues to grow, but along with these vast social networing abilites predators have also discovered that these sites can also be easy ways to find victims. The majoriy of people in the world believe that parents are not aware that there are predotors on the internet. However, I think that parents are very much aware of the dangers on the internet. I believe that the parents of the children today are aware that predotors are on the internet because; it is brodcasted on television, parents make sure they know their childrens social networking sites, and the passing of information from person to person (word of mouth).

Nintey percent of American's watch television everyday from local news stations to ridiculous reality shows. The popular television show "To Catch A Predator" with Chris Hansen focuses on catching adults who contact children over the internet for sexual affairs. Daily news cast in local areas keep parents alert and up to date on ways to protect their children while they're using the internet. Many shows like this and daily news cast keep parents aware of the dangers on the internet.

In today's society there are many social networking sites online such as; Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace. Many parents observe and moniter their childrens internet usage frequently to become aware of any unusual activity. There have been numbers of occasions when predators use posing as children to get contact with young children on these popular social networking sites. Many of these websites have taken security steps to minimize this problem, but parents and children should always remain cautious.

Talking to your children about these online predators is the best way for them to remain safe. Word of mouth is always the best option when it comes to situations like these. Children always feel as if they are always protected in their own home and by explaining to them the dangers of these online predators you are keeping them safe....
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