Arguments Against Slavery in the British Caribbean Under the Following Headings: I) Economic Ii) Religious Iii) Humanitarian

Topics: Slavery, Atlantic slave trade, British Empire Pages: 2 (766 words) Published: February 28, 2013
As a newspaper reporter in 1825, write an article presenting arguments AGAINST slavery in the British Caribbean under the following headings: i) Economic ii) Religiousiii) Humanitarian

On every street corner, in every household, on every tongue and on every wall, contradictory views on the system of slavery are being disputed. The public is being bombarded by the economic, religious and humanitarian views of slavery. The pressing issue that will be highlighted in today’s article is the arguments against slavery.

The economic arguments against slavery concentrate on the economic losses experienced by planters and their interests (like the West India Interest etc) from having a system of forced labour as opposed to free paid labour. It is argued that slavery is uneconomic as provisions have to be made to the control of slaves. These provisions are more expensive than the employment of free labour.Slavery is expensive when you add up the costs of buying and keeping the slaves and paying towards the forces needed to prevent revolts. The economist, Adam Smith, in his book “The Wealth of the Nation” wrote that ‘the work of free men comes cheaper in the end than performed by slaves.’ Slavery makes the slaves a reluctant labour force and so the slaves fell that their labour is useless as all the profits go to the master as the slaves are not allowed to own anything, not even themselves.The investments in slaves are now being wasted as they are dying in large numbers from measles, yaws, dysentery and other diseases. Also slavery is allowing the countries in the British Caribbean, example Jamaica, to become monocultural which is dangerous to our economy; as most of the income comes from there. It can be said that the most important point that can be argued is that British industrial development would be stimulated by free trade as the merchants would be able to buy cheaper goods elsewhere as there would no longer be mercantilism. Adam Smith also said in...
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