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Stories have been used for a long time to entertain, teach, and even help some learn lessons about life. A long time ago there were people known as story tellers who specialized in communicating these stories. These story tellers even in ancient times were highly regarded and trusted. They were able to not only entertain the ones listening but also teach a lesson. Fables are another form of this story telling, they also entertain, and give a fun explanation to things that may never be explained, like how a leopard get its spots or why an elephants trunk is so long. Now, in more modern times, we have books, movies and television to do the same thing. The act of story telling has not died completely though, many people still use these stories today.

There is a story that was told to me when i was young about a girl who is having issues in life who comes to her dad and in this time her dad is tries to console her. After hearing that she was having issues in school and was worried about how she would turn out because of all the things that were going on. He pulls out a carrot an egg and a can of coffee. Confused she asks why he's doing this and he silently boils all three in different pots. He explains that when The egg boils it goes from being soft to hard, the carrot goes from hard to soft but the coffee stays the same and also changes the environment with its smell. He then explained that she should be like the coffee.

The moral of this story is shown through symbolism. The boiling water symbolizes hard times that we go through in life. These can be anything from; an increase of the amount of homework that she has to do, to a bully bothering her in school. These are things that everyone has to deal with. Maybe not on a big scale but in some way. In the end of the story her choice was to be like the coffee. The moral, or lesson that we should learn fro this story is to be like coffee or strive to be like coffee when times get hard. Don’t let the outside...
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