Aspects of Child Development

Topics: Motor control, Observation, Knowledge Pages: 2 (349 words) Published: August 7, 2013
Children and young people develop in 5 main areas. 

Physical Development: Changes in shape, size and physical maturity of the body, including physical abilities, coordination and fine and gross motor skills.

Intellectual Development: This is the learning and use of language: the ability to reason, problem-solve and organize ideas. This is related to the physical growth of the brain. 

Social Development: This is process of gaining knowledge and skills needed to successfully interact with others. 

Emotional Development: Developing feelings and emotional responses to events; changes in the child/ young person understanding their own feelings and expressing them appropriately. 

Moral Development: This is the growing understanding of right and wrong, change in behavior caused by that understanding is likely. This is often called the conscience.  

It is important to look at each child holistically and not just at every individual aspect of their development, although this is important to.

There are many different observation methods that are used within the school setting. There are four main observation methods. 

Naturalistic- These observations are carried out in the child's usual surroundings. The observation allows the child to carry out tasks in the way they normally would without any structured input being added by the observer. 

Structured- This type of observation is the opposite of a naturalistic observation. The observer has set out a specific activity in order to observe how the child carries it out. Foe example a throwing/ catching game could be set up to observe a child's coordination or a threading activity to observe a child's fine motor control. 

Longitudinal- This is a regular pattern of observing the children and recording the findings. The findings build up longitudinal records of observation and will show the progress of each child over time. 

Snapshot- This type of observation involves trying to achieve a 'snapshot'...
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