Assesmet Task Tda 2.1

Topics: Family, Child development, Emotion Pages: 3 (1221 words) Published: April 15, 2012
Assesment Task-TDA 2.1 Child and Young person development

Task 2 links to outcome 2, assesment criteria 2.1 and 2.2

A child's development is determined and shaped by different influences and experiences that they come across during their life. The three main influences are background, health and environment. Families play a very big part of children's and young people's development, Family dynamics are also important in a childs life. Even how a close a family is can affect the a child's development. A close family, where relationships between the family members are good and strong can give a child the confidence they need to be able to make friends and work well in school. Being a part of a large family can cause sibling rivalry and jealousy with in a family unit. A child within a big family may feel left out and so they become more independent which is a good thing but it could make the child more vulnerable to the attention of undesirable adults or lead them astray into anti-social behaviour. Break-up or divorce within a family can seriously affect a child's development. The break-up may expose the child to a lot of arguing and agression. This could affect the child in many ways, Firstly the child may start to lack in social skills mainly because the child may feel to scared to interact with other children as they might believe it will lead to arguments. Being a part of a break up may also make the child become agressive. For example, in the setting I work in there is a child who's parents have broken up. It is clear that he has been affected by the break up, as he now shows a lot of agression towards the other children and the adults. His agression sometimes causes him to hit out at other children, and also talk with his teeth gritted. Money is another factor that affects child development, A family which has a lack of money can sometimes mean that a child is living in a stressed environment which can affect the parent's parenting style. Some...
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