Assessment for Business Analyst Candidates

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Assessment for Business Analyst Candidates
1.Review the project description below.

“The payroll department wants to purchase a new payroll software package. Human Resources has received many complaints regarding inconsistent calculations and delays in payment due to the current manually intensive process. Senior management has approved this as a top priority for the company.”

What departments would be involved with this project and why?

|Department |Reason Involved | |Finance Department |They can tell us about the finance information about this project. How much are | | |they spend for new software? | | |We have to negotiate with them if our software price high. | |Human resources |We can know about the human resources. Are we going to hire or fire someone for | | |this project or not? | |Administrative dep. Or Business Analysis Dep. |It helps to collect the materials, day to day activities, requirements for the | | |project. They can explain to software developer or technicians to requirement of | | |software. | |Software development or Technician Dep. |They can tell about the scope of the requirements. Are they develop the software as| | |customer need or not? | | |If not, what are the other options to satisfied our customer? | |Tester or analysis Dep. | After the software developer develops the software, we have to test the software. | | |Before we give it to the customer. |

Example answer:


Project: Implement Training Scheduling Software

Project Statement of Purpose:
Our organization’s training department has become very large, often holding several classes per week. We need a software application that can register students for scheduled classes, print student rosters, reserve classrooms, print student certificates, and report on department training expenditures. The software should streamline the administration of the training department and allow even more classes to be conducted in the coming years. This application may be purchased or written in-house. It must be installed by the beginning of our next fiscal year.

This project has been initiated because we have more demand for training than our administrative personnel can handle. Classrooms and instructors are available to meet this increased demand.

Project Objectives:
• Increase the number of classes by 30% that can be scheduled by the existing number of administration personnel • Allow student certificates to be printed and distributed on the last day of class • Provide instructors with an accurate list of students on the first morning of each class • Remind students of their registration one week before each class via e-mail • Notify students and instructors if a class is changed or cancelled via e-mail

What questions would you ask to begin to understand the requirements of this project? Who would you ask them of?

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