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How Does Computer Technology Benefit College Students?

by Jeannine Lowe, Demand MediaWith advancements in computer technology, college classrooms are being transformed. Computer programs, social media and online resources have opened doors to faster research, communication and productivity in a global economy. Employers expect college graduates to have the technological knowledge needed to perform competitively, and universities are thus offering students opportunities to learn and benefit from various digital tools as part of their college education.Sponsored LinkLINE: Free Calls & SMSFree Chat with Fun Emoji. Get LINE Now!LINE: Free Calls & Messages - FREE

Online and Hybrid Courses

Computers provide students with Internet access to attend online and hybrid courses. According to the Ambient Insight Premium Report, “There are more than 30 million online higher education students that take one or more of their classes online in the world as of August 2012. Over half are in the US, so far.” Online courses offer students and working professionals the convenience and flexibility of obtaining or advancing their education at home. Hybrid courses combine online learning with attendance in a physical classroom to deliver instruction to students. Students are required to attend class at set meeting times, but can experience flexibility and a reduction in the amount of trips to a physical location.

Social Media

Many college professors are using Facebook, Twitter or Edmodo to post their assignments online and to communicate with students outside of class. These social media tools provide students with the benefit of keeping track of assignments and their due dates. For example, if you have an unexpected emergency and miss class, you can use a social media tool to see what was assigned in class and submit your assignment when it is completed in a digital...

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About the Author
Jeannine Lowe is a business technology teacher at McKenzie High School in Tennessee. She has been writing on business and marketing topics since 2007. Lowe obtained her Master of Science in education through Walden University, specializing in integrating technology into the classroom.
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