Assure Model

Topics: Flowchart, Diagram, Reading Pages: 7 (827 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Model ASSURE Rekabentuk Pengajaran

Tajuk: Saving Our Environment
Tahun: 5 Dinamik

Mata Pelajaran: English Language

Tempoh Masa: 60 minutes

|Analisis Pelajar | |29 pupils | |20 males/9 females | |Ages 10 - 11 | |Mental, Social, Physical, Social Notes such as: | |15 pupils with advanced level while 12 with intermediate level and 2 pupils from remedial class. | |Visual, Kinesthetic, and Verbal learners in the classroom | |The pupils are from village area and speak English as their second language | |One child is an orphan and stay with grandparents. | |Pupils are good in reading skills. Strengthening their reading comprehension capabilities, as well as their ability to relate lesson to his/her | |personal life. | |Learning Styles | |(Estimate % of Students) | |Visual 40 % | |Auditory (Aural) 25 % | |Kinesthetic (Hands On) 35 % | |Nyatakan Objektif | | | |Pupils will be able to fill up the flow chart consist of three ways of garbage disposal based on the text, pictures and video as guidance. | |Students will relate the text to their personal lives as they fill up the flow chart about garbage disposal. | |These activities will test students’ abilities in reading comprehension. | |Pemilihan Media, Kaedah dan Bahan | |All media and materials needed for the lesson are listed, and are lesson appropriate. | | | |Song entitled “It’s A Small, Small World” | |...
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