Attachment Theory Paper

Topics: Attachment theory, John Bowlby, Mary Ainsworth Pages: 3 (745 words) Published: November 24, 2014
Lindsay Lewis
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Into The Wild: Attachment Theory
There are many factors that contribute to the theory of attachment. One of many different behavior patterns, attachment, seems to develop in a variety of ways due to the interaction of nature and nurture. Mary Ainsworth, who researches different aspects of attachment, defines attachment as “an emotional tie formed between one animal or person and another specific individual.” Chris McCandless displayed many different attributes that would make one believe that he has multiple different types of attachment disorders. One would be that throughout the movie you can feel the anger and resentment that he has towards his parents, you get the sense that he wants absolutely nothing to do with them. But even though he does not have a well-rounded relationship with his parents he is still able to have a functioning relationship with his sister. He is able to communicate with her in ways that he has never been able to with his parents and that is a very vital factor in the movie because Chris comes off as very independent yet he takes on a somewhat parenting role for her. Another factor is that Chris is more of a traditionalist; he doesn’t like to live the modern day lifestyle like his parents do and that is where they clash the most. Their viewpoints are complete opposites. It seems to me as if it has been a constant battle in their relationship so once he graduated he began to rebel. Instead of doing what the typical teenager would do, talking back and staying out past curfew, he runs away and drops off of the grid. Chris was seeking the ultimate isolation and freedom, to where there were no rules, money, bills, or anything. As the film goes on, it continues to reveal pieces of their past that explains Chris’ relationship with his parents. His parents were abusive towards each other and never provided a healthy model for children. Chris has displayed an insecure attachment with...
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