Attitudes Toward Money

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Attitudes toward money

Different people possess different viewpoints on money. In general, the attitudes toward money are divided into three types based on the relationship between the owner and the money itself. The first type of attitude to money is considering it as a boss. The people having this opinion about money is ones who do nothing but serving money. Planning for every penny going into and out of their wallet really drives them mad, and expenses are a big worry for them. They may work hard to earn as much money as they can, yet to keep it in the pocket, or cash box. You may imagine that they admire “their boss” so much that sometimes seeing him or touching “him” can make their day! In contrast, the second type is regarding money as a slave. Some people are likely to spend money like water, never think a second time if they want to buy something new, or rely too much on credit card, bank loan… to satisfy their desire. As a result, there is a likelihood that they are always facing financial headaches, because they don’t see the necessity in planning to spend their budget economically. The last type is also the most intelligent way of spending money, when the rest of money’s owner consider it as a good friend. These people are bound to be control money reasonably. They know exactly how much money they’ve spent and saved in case bad things come. They live on good term with their friend – money, and he does make their life better. Obviously, money never pushes them into hard situation. To sum up, whether we should consider money as our boss, slave or a friend depends on you. Be a smart money’s owner to take full advantages of money in your life.
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