Baby Egg Project

Topics: Psychology, Child development, Infant Pages: 4 (1147 words) Published: April 27, 2014

Molly Wise
Mrs. Caudill
Egg Baby Reflection Paper
Throughout this whole experience with my baby egg Kendall, had really taught me how to become far more responsible. My experience with my egg baby was so much fun, but I soon learned that it wouldn't be easy caring for a baby all day long every day. Having to look after a child 24/7 is not an easy task to accomplish, especially when you had other priories before the egg came along. I admit this whole process wasn’t fun at times. For example; all the times when I either went out to eat or to go shopping, I not only had to get food for myself but for one more person! It might sound silly, but you really have to remember that it’s not just you and your husband any more. You have a baby! During the process, I had to find a way to work around my job and take care of Kendall, so I had to take off a good month and a half to provide good care for my child. This experience assured me even more that I am not near ready for children at my age. I also thought that it a lot got harder as the week went on with having to carry it everywhere I went, and to get in and out of my locker, as well as bringing it to class everyday while all the same time not dropping it! The whole two weeks was quite the experience for me. I managed to never drop, or crack my egg baby through it all. Which wasn’t an easy task to do, considering you literally had the egg every class you went to. Not to mention when you couldn’t make time for your baby you had to find a babysitter that you depend on for a good 3 hours. When going to and from school I decided to buckle up Kendall in the front seat so she was very secure and had no change of getting smashed by my book bag or anything else. Through it all I found that the more effort I put into this project, the more I would get out of it in the end. I had to realize that this egg baby was going to be my top priority for two weeks straight. During her physical, emotional, social,...
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