Bad Girls Club

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Bad Girls Club
Bad girls club is a reality television series. It centers on seven rebellious women aged from 21 to 27 with different personalities and backgrounds, who have a number of behavioral problems. A woman who is part of this show is considered as a “bad girl,” she has to get rid of her fatal behavior and sometimes accomplish specific goals. They are supposed to spend three months in a fine mansion with one another, during which they have to go by some specific rules, which they must get kick out of the show if they don’t obey them.

The Bad Girls Club makes women look very negative. In the show the girls would fight for no reason, their mouths are so dirty, they don’t keep track on what they say. The drama those women be having are so not cute, they just put women down like were nothing. For example: if two of the girls don’t like one another on the show, they will try so hard to get rid of each other in the mansion. They will try to fight each other, throw all their stuff out in the pool. They will throw each other suitcase out on the street; put water in people bed so that they don’t sleep on the bed.

The way those girls are acting on TV makes guys look at us women pretty bad, some may not even treat girls like they used to anymore. In the bad girls club for example the women go to parties, they get drunk kissing all the random dudes in the club; they go from boys to boys. Some of the girls could have a boyfriend back home, but when she see new boys in the show she cheat on her boyfriend with a man that she don’t even know, and get laid for the first date. A girl who acts like this is so disgusting, even worst on television.

Almost all the young people follow everything they basically see on television, they would think that the best way to feel cool is to act the way those bad girls act. My younger sister is a perfect example, she used to be such a nice girl; she used to follow and listened to everything I used to tell...
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