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Topics: Observation, Classroom Pages: 3 (562 words) Published: August 26, 2013
Name: Angelica D. Taer Course & Year: BEEd 2



Name of the School Observed: OBRERO ELEMENTARY SCHOOL School Address: OBRERO BUTUAN CITY
Date of Visit: JULY 26, 2013

In this Episode, I was able to observe the students in kindergarten level. I really had fun observing these little kids. They we’re so cute especially when they sing. The teacher in this level handle 2 sessions or class: the morning class and afternoon class. The teacher handles 30 students in the morning. And still 30 students in afternoon class. As I had observed, there we’re more number of boys than girls. And all the students aged we’re 5years old. Talking about religion, there’s only 1 student who is a Muslim. The rest were Catholic.

During the class, I observed that there are more interaction happen between the teacher and the students. They all interact with each other. Since they’re still 5 years old, they treat their teacher as their mother. The students participate as their teacher told to do so. But there some students who don’t know the answers are just saying what their a classmates says. I also observed that the learners who seated at the back were very naughty and talkative than those students who seated at the front. Who used to be more behaved and interact politely. They are less noisy and they also participate in the class well.

The relationship among the learners was like brothers and sisters. They don’t know yet how o compete against each others. Mostly of the learners participate actively in the class regardless of their age. Although sometimes they behave a little bit naughty, they still know the answers to the questions of their...
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