Barely There Case Study

Topics: Marketing, Marketing research, Target market Pages: 3 (1217 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Barely There Case Analysis

Ryan K.

1. The major role that the marketing research played into this campaign was allowing for them to go out and find what the consumers liked in the bras that they currently had and what they did not really like. The research allowed for them to create the dictionary of bra terms and gave them specific examples of what a bad bra day would be like and a couple of different types of things that could happen to create that. The research showed mainly that the market for these apparel items was mostly dominated by Victoria’s Secret and the way they went about marketing it was huge fashion shows and all of the models were on wearing the bras and they were very sexy type bras and fit really well on the models that were in incredible shape. However this research also showed that there was a glaring gap in the market and that they were not really targeting what most women wear bras for in the first place and that is to look good in their clothes, instead of when they are not. I think that the campaign probably still could have been created without the background research that was done because in my opinion there really wasn’t anything jaw dropping in the research that they found but more just smaller things that added up to make the product more effective and then hit the target market more in a specific place. However, once again if the background research was not completed like it was and the time was not put in to figure out exactly what most women were striving for with these products and what they wanted, I think that the Barely There campaign would have had a harder time hitting the target audience with the right focus and addressing their needs. With the use of the marketing research they found these things out and then directly incorporated that into the product and that is what made it a successful adventure. 2. I think that the main benefits that were created from the Invisible Look collection of bras that was marketed was...
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