BBQ Pitmasters

Topics: Competition, Reality television, Barbecue Pages: 3 (1058 words) Published: November 4, 2013
Alexander Coulter
BBQ Pitmasters: Smokin’ in Mesquite

Upon watching the pilot episode of BBQ Pitmasters I wasn’t sure what to expect. My initial questions for this reality show gave me a general realization that I was about to critique a show I knew little about. What makes this show entertaining over the others? How can the competitors cooking vary from one to another? How can you revolve a show around BBQ Competitions? Will all the competitors have a southern accent with a beer belly sticking out of their wife-beater? Its just barbeque, how serious can this get? Does everyone who attends these events have to have an obesity problem and carry a firearm? All these questions seemed valid at the time.

I soon realized that this episode answered several of my questions. The show was interesting to see the different techniques and backgrounds; their cooking strategies and techniques were different and entertaining to watch, I even learned a couple things such as what were considered good meats to buy. The competitors were competing for $40,000 altogether in four different categories. It was cool to see world champions compete against each other to maybe even leave with nothing as some did. And to my surprise my stereotype of these competitors was only half right, there all from the south or western part of the states but there were also competitors that weren’t men over 40 with a southern accent. Harry Soo and Lee Ann Whippen were two that strayed from my interpretation of the competitor and were also entertaining to watch.

This TLC show seems to be attracting viewers from the ages of 18-54. Only about a third of these people have a college degree and the majority of the viewers for the entire station would be women. Although this show seemed to be attempting to entertain the average backyard father with high hopes of learning something and an excuse to fire up the grill. Other than a couple contestants using profane language the material...
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